"Now, 500 grams of yellow beans. There are many buds in the previous time. There is a high germination rate, which also proves that the beans are not genetically modified. This morning, bombed Twistde Cruller, and directly use 35 grams of dry soybeans. Add 600 ml of water, play Soybean Milk is more than two breakfast. Calculate the cost of a few cents, it is done ten minutes. If you don't leave your home, you will drink hot Soybean Milk to eat twistde cruller, but also fortunately .Twistde crullersoybean milk national breakfast, one of the big south, simple and delicious breakfast. I used to drink Soybean Milk with a large bowl before stall or side. Now I can eat it while walking, Soybean Milk can package Go shopping, walking tired to buy a cup to lift fatigue. It is convenient as drinking water. Generally, it is 1,5 to 2 yuan, and the Soybean Milk content made by the merchant is low, but it is more nutritious than drinking mineral water. After all, it is a bean product Nutrition containing protein. Pay attention to drink Soybean Milk, the best time breakfast is 6 or 7 o'clock. Don't drink Soybean Milk in an empty stomach. Because Soybean Milk contains a lot of protein, after the empty stomach, the protein will be converted into heat to be consumed, so There is almost no nutritional value. It is recommended to drink Soybean Milk, first eat some bread, drink Soybean Milk, which is better to absorb the human body. The soybean milk developed by the soybean is better, drink Soybean Milk to add sugar, if there is diabetes The patient is not approved to add sugar. "


Ingredients 35 grams of soybeans, accessories of 600 ml, sweet taste, boiled process, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice of soy alcohol pulp

1 yellow beans 35 grams, 600 ml of mineral water, ready for the main ingredients.

2SOYBEAN MILK is first connected to the power supply, and the Soybean Milk (35 grams of dried beans), add 600 ml of water or tap water according to its own needs. Be careful not to add a lot of water in the ground impurity, and scale will affect the life of the machine. Wash it with water before making a bean production, eat it, you can do it, you will pay attention to hygiene and rest assured.

3 Wash the clean dry beans directly into the machine's grinding chamber.

4 plus water or tap water 600 ml. Be careful not to add a lot of water in the ground impurity, and scale will affect the life of the machine.

5 Ok, we have already completed the soybeans, you must lock the gray cover, align the lock mark position. The cover of the water tank is also covered as shown in the figure, and it will start working immediately.

6 Start pressing the start button, the panel displays various features. Select the menu, dry beans, ready to enter the next program.

7 Point capacity, start display from the left, change a number of menu, and select 0.6 is 600L.

8 Now the Soybean Milk machine enters work, I will sit and wait for the Soybean Milk.

9 hot paste Soybean Milk is done, use without manual cleaning, the machine automatically enters the cleaning and drying.

10 It is cheaper than milk, and it is suitable for a new home. Nutrients are suitable for the whole family to drink, sweet!


1, Soybean Milk is a relatively rich drink, but only after intake of sufficient amount of starch food can not be consumed as calories, and truly give me a new organization, repair the role of the old organization. 2, if you drink Soybean Milk in an empty stomach, it can only replace the starch as calorie, which not only makes the protein waste, but also makes the nutrition to balance, thus aggravation, and the burden on the urinary system. 3. It is best to eat some bread before drinking Soybean Milk every morning, Steamed Buns, Baozi, Jiaozi and other starch food mats. 4, this recipe is a nine-yang model, DJ15E-K150's Soybean Milk machine brand is different, please participate in the production.