"Eating peanuts is good for the body. Because peanuts are called longevity fruits, it is rich in nutrients, such as proteins, amino acids, etc., so some people can supplement physical strength, while It can also improve memory; however, peanuts also contains a lot of fat and grease, so friends who have poor digestive ability will cause gastrointestinal discomfort. At the same time, the intake of excessive grease is also prone to fire, leading to the emergence of facial acne, which is not conducive to outside It is also because of this, the best way to get peanut is boiled or be used as a slurry. Today I use walnut and black sesame to match a slurry, and the fragrant alcohol, friend They like you can try it. This time used to play Soybean Milk is a part. 15 minutes can drop, the taste is very good. The slurry is also good. "


Main material 1 cover, black sesame Half teaspoon, walnut pecans 3, excipients, 300ml, other tastes, other processes, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice of walnut flowers

1 The stock has walnut kernels, peanuts, black sesame.

2 Because it is a person's share, you should use the Cup of Soybean Milk to make ingredients. Walnuts is relatively large, and it seems a bit of ingredients.

3 Wash the ingredients with water.

4 Wash the ingredients to the ingredients.

5 Wash the ingredients and Soybean Milk machines and add water to the Soybean Milk machinetime line.

6 Choose to use the Soybean Milk mode or the rice paste mode can be cooked.

7 Add an appropriate amount of sugar or rock sugar to season.

8 This hairy and nutritious sesame seed peaches are completed.