"You can make Soybean Milk's ingredients. We can combine all kinds of beans, even if you replace a ingredient, you will bring you unexpected delicious to Soybean Milk. We can change a color every day, don't do it for seven days for a week. Repeat, let your Soybean Milk have new ideas every day, drink is not greasy every day. This time I use a newly entered a broken Soybean Milk machine, I have finished Soybean Milk, I can automatically clean it, let me Breakfast time is more relaxed. You can also try it! Perseverance to a cup of Soybean Milk every day, you have a beautiful attitude, no makeup is also very beautiful. The ingredients used: Red beans 15 grams of yellow beans 2. "


Ingredients 15 grams, 20 grams of soybeans, 15 grams of excipients, 2 red dates, sweet flavor, boiled process, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Red bean red dates Soybean Milk practice steps

1 Pick the red bean yellow beans and wash with black rice.

2 Add drinking water to the water tank of the Soybean Milk. I use this Soybean Milk machine with a water tank, which will automatically give water according to my set amount.

3 Add the washed ingredients into the 食 食. Why do you want to join the rice class in Soybean Milk? Joining rice, will make Soybean Milk's taste more delicate, do not believe you try.

4 Add red dates. Red jujube should be removed in advance, red dates have the effect of illegitimate blood, and bring your sweetness, add it, you can increase the sweetness of Soybean Milk, and you will get.

5 Start the Soybean Milk machine, I chose dry beans, 600 ml. Now the Soybean Milk cars have the function of soy beans, do not have to raise beans in advance. If you have other broken walls in your home, the Soybean Milk machine can also be done in this formula!

After 68 minutes, the Soybean Milk machine ended, and the Soybean Milk was automatically in the Soybean Milk Cup.

7 At this time, the machine automatically enters the cleaning function, you just click the confirmation key.

8 beautiful enjoyment!

9 This is your breakfast, love yourself, and a manifestation of care for your family!