Significant cranberry 15g, cereal 90g, excipient honey TWo spoon, brown sugar 10g, butter 30g, sweet flavor, roasted process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Practice steps of yogurt oat cup

1 Prepare the ingredients.

2 Pour honey into the butter.

3 Pour the brown sugar into, then heated to melt, mix well, becomes a syrup shape.

4 Pour the syrup into cranberry with oatmeal, stir evenly.

5 Put the mixture into the refrigerator for 30 minutes, remove the inside of the mold that is wiped out (the middle must be concave in the middle).

6 Preheat the oven for five minutes, up and down 160 ° C, baked for 20 minutes.

7 Add yogurt in the baked oatmeal.

8 Put your favorite fruit to embellish.

9 yogurt oat cup is completed!