"There are a lot of yogurt, but you can do not dare to buy and nutritious yogurt, if you have a small Half day, all kinds of additives, skin shoe yogurt, especially the child, don't dare to buy a child, how to eat yogurt? , I also want to break the head. So, it is better to work with the baby, and eat enough food ~ "


Some yogurt powder 1 bag, cool white open 500ml, boiling water 500ml, excipient sugar 50g, fruit, sour taste, other processes, hours, simple difficulty,

Handmade yogurt practice steps

1 Step 1: Preparation of all the materials, and boiling water to ferment the yogurt fermentation cup;

2 Step 2: Add 300ml cool white open, whole bag yogurt powder, 7 spoonful of white sugar in the yogurt cup;

3 Step 3: Cover the cover is shaken to dissolve without particles, then add water to 500ml, shake well;

4 Step 4: Pour the boiled boiling water to the yogurt machine, to the top of the top;

5 Step 5: Add the yogurt cup into the yogurt machine, cover the cover, stand;

6 Step 6: Wait for the fermentation of 8-12 hours, it is a solidification state;

7 Do a good yogurt, you can put it in the refrigerator, better taste. When you taste, you can add your favorite fruit, nuts, biscuits, cereals, and the like.


Note: 1, do it better at night, you can use it directly 2 in the morning 2, and you can add sugar or no sugar at home.