"Jelly, is the favorite of MM, is also my baby's favorite. A bag of milk, a bag of QQ sugar can solve! Super simple, it is zero kitchen art, you can also make QQ small jelly."


Made of milk, a bag of excipient QQ sugar, fruit taste, other crafts, ten minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Homemade blueberry jelly practices

1 Prepare a bag of milk and a bag of QQ sugar

2 Pour Milk and QQ sugar into a small pot

3 small fire, stir with spoons

4 until QQ sugar is completely melted

5 Pour into the container, naturally cool after cooling the refrigerator for 4 hours, you can eat

6 Frozen results after freezing


Personally think that water: QQ sugar = 500ml: 140g (or 250ml: 70g) is a good match.Otherwise, it is not a fixed type, it is the taste.When the effect is frozen, he is stirred while heating the side, can not stop, otherwise QQ sugar will stick to the bottom of the pot