"When you make your milk, you will only use: milk, sugar and bacteria powder, do a good job of yogurt: Sour is sweet, but the taste is not enough fragrant and silky. Why is it? Haha: It is actually less The mysterious weapon "whipped cream"; "you didn't see the wrong," 奶 "used in us to do birthday cake (PS: Parental 要 选择 奶", not "plant cream" Hey, remember !!!) Because "fat" in "cream" is high, usually in "30% ~ 36%", make it difficult to do a good job, more delicate, more delicious, taste Naturally, it will be more silky. And when opening the yogurt per bottle, you can see the pale yellow cream that condenses a book book; do not believe: You can try it ~~~ "


Main material white sugar 70 grams, 100 grams of light cream, 1000 ml of pure milk, 1 gram of ivy, yogurt powder, mango, milk flavor, baking process, hour time consumption, ordinary difficulty,

Practice for self-made alcohol sulk milk

1 Preparation of ingredients

2 Wash the small bottle and place it into the microwave, and disinfected for 1 minute.

Pour in 3 cups: white sugar and whipped cream

4 and pour into a box of pure milk

5 Add yogurt powder, stir it with a doctor blade to completely melt

6 Finally pour the remaining pure milk and stir evenly

7 pour into the bottle, respectively

8 is added to the oven, open the fermentation button: 40 degrees, 7 hours

9 times to remove the baking tray, let the refrigerator refrigerated

10 When you eat, you can put some fruit, you can drink it directly, more thick silky than other homemade yogurt.


1, container: It is best to use 2 after high temperature disinfection can be used, and the sugar can be increased according to their own favorite. Personally think that 70 grams of white sugar is equipped with fruit taste just 3, no oven friends, you can also use bread machines, rice cooker , Yogurt machines and other suitable small appliances are completed