"Mulberry, is the fruit of the mulberry, the particles are small, the surface is not smooth, there is purple, red, etc. The role of the long-term constipation, anemia, hair loss is particularly suitable for habitual constipation, anemia, hair loss, and premature white and insomnia. It not only enhances gastrointestinal digestion, so that gastrointestinal motility is enhanced, which promotes digestion, promotes The role of the stool, the vitamin E contained in the vitamin E can remove free radicals that cause human aging, which in turn, to the anti-aging effect. When I was young, I had a big mulberry tree in my backyard. At this time, I have a fruit in April every year. We or climbed with a net pocket, fresh and especially delicious, today I bought the mulberry that the peasants just went in Xixi wet, and she began to toss. I used white lime powder as a mulberry jelly, good, taste is more than agar well done."


Significant fresh mulberry 椹 moderate amount, white lime powder is appropriate, cheeky, sweet taste, boiled process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Mulberry jelly practice steps

1 Rinse fresh mulberry, add water to water sugar

2 Cook after changing the small fire, stir with chopsticks

3 Fishing the mulberry in the screen spoon, add the appropriate amount of white lime powder to stir

4 pudding model plus Two fresh mulberry, pour the mulberry water into the mold, slightly cool, it can be removed!

5 delicious and nutritious jelly coming again!