Main material white lime powder 25 grams, accessories mango, ingredient water 500 ml, rock sugar, sweet taste, skill technology, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Crystal mango practice steps

1 The materials required are very simple: 25 grams of white lime powder, 1 mango, a rock sugar

2 Mango was washed and passed on a knife and turned out the meat and tied the meat.

3 sticker with the cross, cutting the above steps, became mango.

400 ml of water in the 4 milk pot, put the rock sugar in, boil.

5 scales 25 grams of white lime powder.

6 Pour a little boiled rock sugar water.

The cool powder paste in the 7 bowl is poured into the milk pot and the ice sugar is mixed well, and the fire, stir slowly to the water roll.

8 Cold powder poured into the mold that has been put on mango, and then cohesive and cool, and the plastic wrap is put into the refrigerator in the refrigerator, and eats with the mold. When it is demolded, use the toothpick to lightly in the mold, and then pick it up slowly or insert it.


The weight of the gum powder should be pinched, and there are more jelly. It can't be solid. In terms of mold, the aluminum alloy mold is better than the plastic, and the mold of the plastic mold will break the bottom of the jelly, but the price of plastic molds is cheaper than the alloy.