"Today, I used white lone powder to make a fruit jelly. I have to take a beautiful heart again. I suddenly thought of a creative, the transparent jelly, the beautiful flower is very beautiful! Eat a crystal meal with a crystal flower in this spring.Did you don't know how good you! "


Mainly duck eggs, 30 grams of white lone powder, 200 grams of water, thousands of red water, white sugar, sweet taste, boiled process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Creative jelly crystal ball practice steps

1 Duck egg bottom with a small knife and poured out the egg liquid.

2 Thoroughly dry and ready for the egg shell, and find a fixed thing, I took out the shelf in the refrigerator.

3 Turn the thousandth red with boiling water.

The water is heated in the water and placed in an appropriate amount of sugar melts.

5 Add appropriate amount of white luces with chopsticks to stir well.

6 Red plug in the eggshell.

7 Pour the gum liquid into the eggshell.

8 etc. After cooling, it can be peeled like peeling.

9 very beautiful dessert!