"The Ming is also a famous Lanzi, basil seed, nine-story tower, is" basil "mature fruit, size, soaking it in water, it will quickly absorb water, can promote gastrointestinal motility after intake, help human digestion The good product of losing lipid-losing weight. In addition, there is a graphic, kidney, diuretic, and strong fitness. "


The main material is the right amount of, the amount of white lime powder, the amount of water, yogurt, sugar amount, sweet taste, boiled process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice steps for citizen yogurt jelly

1 Take a small amount of Mingzi to add water for a few minutes

2 will expand it for a while

3 Soak the good morthrose, heating in the water, add the appropriate amount of sugar to stir uniform

4 white lime powder plus a small amount of water, then pour it into the pot and the mandatory child mix, white lone powder and liquid ratio are about 1: 6

5 stir even after mixing

6 Pour the silica gel to seven points, cooling

7 Now make yoghurt, first solurate the cold powder in water

8 After heating, add sugar and stir even after a uniform

9 slightly pour your yogurt mix

10 mixed sour milk paste

11 Pall the yogurt in the frozen muto jelly

12 Cooling is demolded.