"A appetizing dessert snack. Convenient and simple. Good and simple snacks between lovers."


Substant juice drink a bottle, excipient jelly powder, fruit taste, skill process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Private jelly practice steps

1 Prepare materials: Jelly powder juice individual thinks that choosing a better meat is better, haha, can not use carbonated drinks!

2 Step 1: Add the juice to the pan to boil.

3 Step 2: Take the right amount of frozen powder, put it in the container.

4 Step 3: Pour the boiling juice into a bowl with jelly powder.

5 Step 4: Stir well, about TWO minutes, gradually become a gelatin state, put it on one side to dry, Half can be eaten later.

6 success!

7 Today is green tea taste, green tea taste is different from the fruit taste, and the taste is with a rich tea. But in the sweetness of sweetness. Personally, put the taste of the tea into it, bitter, and endless. I think this is a good food that is at home and calm down. Tea can make people worry. If you like something sweet, you can add sugar or extend the boiling time.


1. Note: Jelly powder must be appropriate, more taste, will be soft. Like to eat flesh, you can put fresh flesh into a small section.