"White lime powder is bought for several days, just don't know what to do ..... I want to do it ... I don't know what to do, I think about it ..."


Main material white lime 50 grams, accessories small mango moderate amount, small lotus fog is appropriate, 1 spoon of ingredients, flavor taste, boiled process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice for flowers in a bottle

1 Preparation of materials

2 mango cut, lotus fog, white lime powder plus appropriate amount of water.

3 Take the pot into 3 bowls of clear water to boil the sugar

4 add a white lime powder, non-stop, stir uniform

5 Let's put a lot of dazzling and pour it into the white cool liquid, only pour it to a bottle.

6 Put the lotus film with a toothpick, a slowly put into the bottle, and laminated

7 can be eaten after cooling

8 can also add mint...More eye-catching

9 eye-catching dessert

10 eye