"A jelly that you can at home at home."


The main material is moderate, excipient jelly powder mode, fruit taste, burning process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Fresh jelly practice steps

1 Seasonal fruit melon, this is the kind of peel, generally eat the meat inside, use this as a container naturally without pollution, can dig out the inside, eat a Half, leave a HALF to make jelly, Snakes become a melon

2 a few cherries, this can have three ways: First, I miss this one-knife TWHALF to check; Second, use chopsticks directly from the down-core method; three is the direct usage.

More than 3 melon cut small pieces

4 Add the right amount of jelly powder in a glass with a small small in the melon.

5 heating water and stir well

6 First, now the smear joins in the somatose cherry and melon

7 Pour in a general jelly water, slightly solidified on the top, add additional water, and finally add the last water

8 made finished product

After 9 summer, you can put it into the refrigerator ice and then eat it.


This jelly can be free to DIY, what to put, what to put, eat after the ice, very cool, delicious