380 grams of main water, 15 grams of fish glue powder, the right amount of osmanthus

Fantasus jelly jelly

Add 300 grams of water in 1 small pot to boil, add appropriate amount of rock sugar to boil

2 Add an appropriate amount of honey for 1-2 minutes

3 take 80 grams of water, pour 15 grams of fish glue powder into it, fully dissolved

4 Pour the dissolved fish glue powder into osmanthus sugar water and stir well

5 pour the boiled sugar and puren flood into the mold

6 Add the right amount of honey to stir well when the sugar is cool.

7 put into the refrigerator for 6-12 hours


1. Fish glue powder to add 5 water to 5 water, then add water in the proportion of 1:20. Honey can not be added