"Wang Chi green tea rock and rock rock is always the favorite, the first trial is attracted by its fresh tea and thick milk taste, even if it does not touch the powder, only the jelly is still very delicious. However, inside The additive of the big stack makes the dizziness, but it is, 嘻嘻, but don't worry, I will share the exclusive secret recipe at the time today: use white cool wind to make green tea jelly, use sweet milk powder instead of the end of the fat, so Dare to be very fast! "


Main material green tea grass 2 pack (about 3.6 grams), white lone powder Two tabletobo (measurement), water 400ml, excipient white sugar 2 tbsp (measuring powder), milk powder mode, light flavor, boiled process, HALF hours, simple Difficulty,

Green tea jelly practices

1 Raw material map: white lime powder

2 Raw material map: green tea tea bag

3 Water microwave oven is heated, add tea bag, bubble for a while

4 Add white lime powder, mix well, let

5 refrigerated cutting blocks

6 bowls poured into the right amount of milk powder

7 Add Jelly Rolling

8 look at them


1 Green tea tea bag, I just is 1.8 grams, if it is other brand, 2 grams can also be 2 milk powder in ordinary commercially available, if not, can be replaced with coffee partner (plant fat), but the end of the plant is very unhealthy, It is recommended to eat less than a wonderful 3 white sugar, according to personal preference, I added a little faint, so sweet can be more