"The original fruit flavor [cherry meat jelly], easy to get, all your favorite fruit, pineapple, grape, apple, melon ... God can, ice cold, crystal clear ice powder Sliding in the mouth, eat a cup, all the summer is cool. "


The main amount of cherry, the right amount of ice powder, the amount of water is moderate, the sour taste, the fresh process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Cherry meat jelly practical step

1 Main materials: ice powder (bag bag) and cherries

2 Cherry wash, loop, remove the cherry nucleus.

3 Treat all cherries all.

4 Take a heat-resistant container and pour a spoonful of ice powder.

5 Pour 10 times the boiling water.

6 is mixed, a little cool.

7 Pour the cherry meat.

8 Natural cooling (or put it in a refrigerator) After 5 minutes, it will condense into a beautiful jelly.

9 Take a flat plate and buck it out.

10 Draw directly to eat, or have some honey, fruit sauce, yogurt, you can eat it!


1, redemption ratio, a bag of original ice powder 40 grams (3 yuan), you can rush 5--6 catties water, quite affordable! 2, use a boiling water that is not less than 90 degrees, if it is adjusted, there is a powder group, heating and stirring, can be dissolved. 3, after the condense is too tender or too old, the ice powder can be added to the powder or add water to the cohesion, the quality is constant. 4, good friends who have not bought ice powder are also anxious, with agar or Geely film coagulants can also.