"Sour sweet. I used to eat Steamed Buns."


The main amount of cherry, 1-2 pieces of passion fruit, excipient sugar, lemon HALF, osmanthus moderate amount, sour sweet taste, mixing process, one hour time, ordinary difficulty,

Practices for cherry passion fruit sauce

1 Pick the cherries and throw away. Then take out a fruit knife. (Please see the last step first!)

2 Remove the core, mince. (Not minced in the picture.) Put the Two a hundred full of fruit. Two slice. [Hundreds of full of fruits have bought a box before putting it inside the refrigerator. Lemon I was frozen in the refrigerator after the sections bought last time. Everyone is fresh and fresh. There is also as much as possible to smash the cherries, otherwise it is not so good. 】 3 Cooked Cooked. Then you can put white sugar after you. Enjoy more sugar when you like to eat sweet. I don't like it, put less sugar. I can taste themselves. Then continue. It can be coming out of the kind of sticky feeling! (In fact, lemons can directly put lemon juice, do not have to put lemon slices.)

4 Boiled this must pay attention to the stirring. Then keep keeping small fire. Since there is no preservative, just put the lemon, so the shelf life is short, please use it as soon as possible. If you want to save time, you can buy some preservatives online, so you can take a long time in the bottle. (I am because of a person living alone, this time is more, so I am in the frozen, prevent bad.)


Small and small fire in the whole process. Stirring. Remember mince.