"The summer and black bought by the supermarket is too sour, Ling Machine is moving, making it sauce, the beautiful color of the beautiful, people like it"


800 grams of grape, 350 grams of white sugar, small amount of water, 2 grains of soft sugar, sour taste, boiled process, time consumption, simple difficulty,

Practices for grape fruit sauce

1 Wash the skin, separated the skin with the flesh. You can let go of the water, you can do it for ten seconds.

2 Grapes put a small amount of water for about 5 minutes. My water is placed, and I will come out, fall in the juice bottle, Ice, pure grape juice should not drink too much. When boiled, the flesh was broken, I was put it for three or five seconds in the cooking machine, I can't take too long, and the depression is better.

3 Start cooking, beautiful grapes violet.

4 cook until some sticky, should not stop stirring, prevent end.

5 glass bottles put water in the pot, add hot and disinfect, dry. If sauce is cooked, you can take a bottle.

6 Don't load too much, then cover your buckle. After cooling, put it in the refrigerator, it can be saved for a month without opening the cover. I haven't opened it yet, and the parents have made it again.