"Kumquat can be reluctant to cough, stomach, phlegm, prevent asthma and bronchitis, kumquat season, have a bottle, the scorpion rushes a cup when the scorpion is uncomfortable. Kumquat I used the broken wall to make a mud, soMore beneficial to absorb. "


Main material kumquat 300 grams, rock sugar 150 grams, excipient salt 2 grams, 15 ml of lemon juice, sweet taste, burning process, one hour time, simple difficulty,

Practice for lungs and cough gold orange sauce

1 Preparing ingredients

2 Kimoni with salt water for an hour

3 drainage cut

4 go to a good nuclear standby

5 put into the broken wall into the mud, I used the juice function, played a minute

Put gold orange mud, rock sugar, salt, and small fire in 6 pots.

7 Add lemon juice and then shoot three to five minutes. The pot is loaded into the bottle, and the seal is stored.

8 finished product