"15 minutes Homemade Blue Berry Sauce, the taste is the city's sale of fruit sauce can't be comparable. It can paint bread, make blueberry, toast, biscuits, etc."


Significant blueberry 500g, white sugar 150g, excipient lemon juice 50g, salt 1.5g, sweet taste, boiled process, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice for low sugar blueberry sauce

1 Blueberry 500 grams, pick up the rottenness, rinse and control the dry water.

2 Crush with the broken wall or the Soybean Milk.

3 A yellow lemon, cut the Half, hand-squeezed out of the juice, filter out lemon seeds, get 50 grams of lemon juice.

4 The blueberry juice in the wall is poured into the non-stick pan. Add 150 grams of granulated sugar, add 50 grams of lemon juice, 1.5 grams of salt.

5 fire cook and change the small fire, keep a micro-boiling state, and gently stir it with a wooden shovel.

6 About 15 minutes later. Pick a drop with a shovel, drip in a cool water bowl.

7 The drop of sauce is not dizzy, it means that the blue berry sauce is good.

8 hot bottles, the bottle cover should not be tight, put it or steam in the pot with hot water. When the water is cooked, the water is best placed, preventing the fire due to fire, and the bottle is close to the bottom of the pot, causing the bottle to fry. (I have forgotten this step, temporarily supplement)

9500 grams of blueberry, 150 grams of sugar, 50g lemon juice, 1.5G salt, a total of 411 grams of fruit sauce.

10 The top is a blueberry sauce, a commercial brand, Qiu, the following is a self-produced sauce. It is easy to disconnect the sauce, and the taste is sour. The city's sale of sauce has a rubber block, and it tastes very sweet.

11 pictures are not good