"Haitang tree, original my country, now mainly distributed in North China, Hebei is one of the famous origins. Huailai belongs to Zhangjiakou, Huailai City is Shacheng, very close to Beijing. This National Day goes to Sha City province, When I came back, my relatives took a box of sea-torn fruit. Haishu fruit, watching very attractive, taste is too sour! Do the results sauce, sweet sour is good. "


The main material is 3 pounds, 20 pieces of coil sugar, 20 sour taste, boiled process, one hour, ordinary difficulty,

Practice for Haishu fruit sauce

1 sea-tone fruit is cleaned and controlled.

2 sea-backed fruits.Because the fruit is small, the decline will cut the small piece.

3 The cooking machine shreds the sea.Remember to add some water.

After the 4th sea lasca, after breaking the water, poured into the pot directly, add a rock sugar and boiled.

5 Boiled viscous waterless toss.Remember to be angry and stir.

6 cool behind, in the refrigerator, will be better.