INDUSTROM 1,20ml, milk 120ml, eggs, excipient oil, permeable amount, milk flavor, steam process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Halloween pumpkin egg pudding practice steps

1 small pumpkin into the microwave oven and 5 minutes.

2 Remove the soft pumpkins in the microwave, cut the top with the knife, take out the melon with a spoon, and the melon is pressed into a mud.

3 Eggs, milk HALF box, light cream white sugar amount, add another small bowl to stir well into a pudding, then remove the pumpkin with fine net.(Side of the screening will be delicate, no clear cream can also be replaced with refining milk, add the right amount, improve the flavor, but the light cream will eat more delicious. Mixed pudding fluid with usual water steamed egg thickness is almost the same..)

4 Pour the pumpkin hunger of the pudding liquid to the cover, placed on the steam hull for 8 minutes, and take it out of the seaweed seaweed.(Steamed the steamed eggs as usual, exterior need to be placed or covered with a plastic film, so steamed pudding or water, the surface will be smooth.)