"I don't know how to start with the double eleven. Single Wang really made this day as my day. If the day is a holiday, then every story to love is sad, so in micro Boli also saw that the young male girl describes you with all kinds of context and perspective, I will describe you, she can't love it. It can't love a bleak picture. I have a consensus. When I have a consensus, my sadness is a happy time. Things, I can't tell me what sad. In addition to crazy, there is another way to make yourself to eat. I don't know when I started to eat coarse grains, I don't know when I started. There is also a lot of coarse food in my family. Buying coarse grains is because of the popular food, the reason for caught the grain is that no one is eating thick food at home, so how to give these thick food into the first time, the first time, etc., first is a coarse grain mixed rice rice Cook together, the result is not fragrant, the coarse food is not fragrant, this claver thing is like a marriage, I can't make it love. Steamed Glutinous Rice with ele ht treasures is a method, but TWO times have been tired. The most appetite. The most in the family is black, wild rice and blood, so there is also a glutinousness in black rice. If you have added coconut milk, you will have a pot, unexpected, you can put refrigerator in summer. When the pudding, the winter is hot in the afternoon, the clouds are light, and TWO is comfortable. "


Significant black rice mode, coconut milk mode, pear mode, excipient sugar, sweet taste, boiled process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Black rice pudding practice steps

1 This dish is delicious, it is necessary to eat the cooking time and the coconut milk, and the pear is just a dotted effect. It does not affect the taste, but as a complete dish, it is essential. Come, I wish you better, and it is better.

2 is cooked in the black rice pan, black rice is cooked too soft, constantly try, almost good.

3 Coconut Terminal is a taste soft and fragrance.

4 pear slices are thin, soaking in salt water. Otherwise, you can't get it, it is easy to break.

5 Add sugar to boil to thick, put it slightly, color will be better.

6 dotted on a pear tablet, is it immediately beautiful.

7 get a close view

8 panorama