"Pudding is a dessert very much. I will also make it frequently, especially fruit pudding, color gorge, natural and healthy, more suitable for children to eat. This time, just started the dragon fruit No filtration, the feeling of color is not translucent, so it has been filtered again, resulting in a slower solidification of the dragon fruit liquid. It is still very pleased to look at the refined product. It is very happy to give the children. "


Neighbor to red heart dragon fruit, 13 grams of Geely Ding powder, 500 grams of excipient fresh milk, 25 grams of sugar, taste taste, other processes, hours, ordinary difficulty,

Dragon fruit fresh milk pudding step

1 Prepare the material

2 dragon fruit peel.

3 Cut into strips.

4 Put it into the juice machine to extract the juice.

5 milk pour into the milk pot

6 Add sugar

7 Heating to sugar solubility, then let cool.

8 Geely dicycollation

9 plus mixing in milk (about 8 grams)

10 A mixture was mixed in the fire dragon juice (about 5 grams).

11 Pudding bottles boiled and sterilized and dry, first poured into some of the milk mixture, put it on the refrigerator.

12 After this layer is solidified, add a layer of dragon fruit liquid, refrigerating the refrigerator

13 peach heart cup is also the same

14 It can be enjoyed so repeatedly, and then cool to solidification, you can enjoy it.


Geely dicycan melts, easy to solidify, can be insulated and hydrochemically; each of the pudding layer must be solidified and then adding the next layer, otherwise it is prone to mixing phenomena.