"Dragon fruit, especially this red-hearted dragon fruit, rich in anthocyanins and viscose plant proteins, improve immunity, exclusive toxins is particularly good, and the taste is more sweet than white heart. Three colors mixed Dragon fruit Brottan, add mellow milk, so that Pudding eats more smoothly, it is a dessert specially requested, and the guest house is most suitable. "


Mainly red-hearted dragon fruit, 600 grams of milk, 80 grams of excipient sugar, 5 pieces of Geely Ding, sweet taste, mixing process, hourly time consumption, ordinary difficulty,

Fire Dragon Pudding Procedure

1 red heart dragon fruit, peeled cut.

2 a small number of fire dragons leaving decorative, the remaining fusion machine is pushed into a mud.

3 Geely Ding film is put into cold water for about 10 minutes, soak soft.

4 melted Geely Titani liquid, 1/3 poured into the floral pump, 2/3 poured into milk, stir well.

5 From the milk and fire dragon pump, 1/3, mix it together, so three liquids are ready.

6 Take a clean cup, pour 1/3 height of liquid in the bottom of the cup, and put it in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.

After the solidification, pour the liquid of different colors, continue to freeze, and finally pour another color until it is filled with cups.

8 Finally take the right amount of dragon butter to put on the surface decoration.