"Pearlballs, also known as Glutinous Ricerice-Meat Dumplings, Pearl Circle, Glutinous RicetaiWanese Meatballs, etc. Based, the taste is fragrant, very popular. A few days ago, I said my big son, 10 years old, only 60 pounds, small and thin, I thought about nutrition, just three meals a day Drinking, I didn't see the meat. Later, I learned that the spleen and stomach were not good to eat, and I saw the doctor, did check, the spleen movement is the key! From last year, a catty milk, I specially learned to do hawthorn Six things, often drinking the spleen and stomach, with various meat fruits, a year, I finally rose 10 pounds, got a small comfort for the mother's heart. Yam is a good food in the spleen and stomach, today recommended The improved version of Glutinous RicetaiWanese Meatballs, plus the meat carrots, with glutinous rice, the meat filling can eat the yam, the carrot contains vitamins, and Glutinous Rice sucks meat, no exaggeration, improvement is very successful , A pot of meatballs, was eaten by Two children, old two girls, 2 years old, teeth are a bit big, do not like to eat ribs, etc. This little troubles, there is a meat with rice, nutritious, spleen appetite, and don't miss it at home. "


Ingredients of glutinous rice120g, pork stuffing 150g, 1 yam, 1 carrot, 1 egg,


Salt 1-2g, sugar 1g, white pepper 2g, original sauce oil, 1 spoonful of cooking wine, salty flavor, steam process, one hour time, ordinary difficulty,

Japanese Meatball Subcar

1Glutinous Rice soaked one night in advance, it is best for 6-8 hours, and the pork is stuffed to seven thin, carrots, and peeled.

Put the water in the 2 pot, put carrots and yam after the water, pay attention, not need to cook, 5 mature.

3 meat stuffing, 2 grams of salt, 1 gram of sugar, 1 gram of white pepper, 1 spoon of cooking wine, 2 spoons of Sauce oil, stir well toward a direction, let the egg liquid and meat are all absorbed together The meat stuffed, it feels resistant! This is a key point that is delicious.

4 Yam and carrots are chopped, with meat stuffing together, the filling of the Glutinous Rice meat is made.

5 Buborate Glutinous Rice control water, put the meat filling into a circle, size is a little bit of tennis, like a big eating.

6 Wrap the glutinous rice on each mea, as shown in the figure, there is no need to wrap too tight, and the steam will become large, let Glutinous Rice have expanded space, and the finished product is beautiful.

The 7 meatballs were placed on steamed Steamed Buns paper, and the fire was stirred into 35-40 minutes.

8 As shown in the figure, steamed pearlballs, one by a small horses, can see the carrots of the stars, the value is coexisting with delicious.

9 Specially suitable for the child to eat a staple food, spleen and stomach, nutrition health is not angry.


1.Glutinous rice needs to be soaked in advance, in the summer, you can put the refrigerator to refrigerate soak, save time, good taste. 2. The raw hill is easily allergic and can carry gloves when operating.