Significant ginger potato mode, adjuvant sauce, the amount of lotus, the amount of sugar, sweet taste, boiled process, TWO minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Sweet sweet soup of sweet soup

1 Cook the lotus seed before the treatment of ginger potatoes.

2 ginger potato peeling in the water, the ginger potato is best to wear gloves, otherwise it will itch.

3 Cook a pot of sugar water, water volume can be more, boiled, put it into the cooked lotus seeds and raw rounds.

4 In the time of boiled sugar, you can cut the ginger potato slice in water, and the purpose is to do not allow them to stick together.

5 Then put the ginger potato into the sugar cooker and stir it to prevent adhesion.

6 The boiled will open one will be, the ginger potatoes of the slice will be rolled up.

7 is done.

8 can also put the glutinous rice pellets with the same cooking, 叽.

9 can also be made in the final income of a egg.