"" When ice cubes collide with delicious watermelon, you don't know, it will give you a cool as a cool cream, you don't know, its beauty will give you unexpected taste surprises, except for confusion And in front of the discovery, a pair of people who are good at discovery will bring fun to your life. "


Significant watermelon 500g, cheese 60ml, excipient ice cubes 200g, sweet taste, squeezing process, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice of cheese watermelon juice

1 First put the dairy cover in advance. 1. Add 250ml of milk, 150ml whipped cream, 120g milk cover, 2, 25 minutes, small gear for 1 minute, after you have a good fortune for 1 minute, and after you have a small gear for 1 minute. Stir before use. (This formula is a 10-share amount).

2 Cut the watermelon.

3 Put the watermelon and ice cubes simultaneously in the broken wall.

4 Select a vacuum accessory and press the vacuum button.

5 Pour the watermelon juice in the drink cup, pour 30ml of the dairy cover.


Summer is coming, it is eating watermelon, a good time to squeeze watermelon juice. 2, friends who love to drink drink rice sauce can solve the wine, the sugar in the watermelon can quickly absorb alcohol. 3, watermelon juice contains a large amount of salt and sugar, with anti-inflammatory effects, which help nephritis patients absorb more nutrients.