"Pear is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, a variety of vitamins, etc. Efficacy, summer child is easy to eat, drink more pear juice is very good. Cucumber contains a lot of vitamin C and moisture, extracted with the pears, not only cool, nothing color, the taste is also very unique, summer home, want to clear heat Equity, give your child more juice ~ "


Main ingredients of pears, cucumber Half roots, accessories, cheapest, sweet taste, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice for cucumber juice

1 Prepare the cucumber and Sydney, there is a living in the hosh, bought a few, but the taste is delicate, the child picks this pasta.

2 Wash the cucumber first, take a little bit slightly with salt, cut the small piece, the skin doesn't have to go, remove the color is not new.

3 pears use salt to wash the epidermis to prevent sagging, cut small pieces, and remove the core.

4 Add in the rice kitcorn, the total weight is about 250 grams, add 25 grams of rock sugar.

5 plus water to 800ml, cover the vacuum cover, my rice cavity, other brands, please refer to the instructions.

In 63 minutes, you can stir your delicate juice. If you don't like juice, you can filter it again and again.

7 of the 7th ice cubes, so refreshing, taste with the fragrance of cucumber, very throat ~