"In the past 4 years, I will welcome the World Cup! Are you ready? Beer? Snacks? Of course, there are also a variety of alcoholic carbonated drinks ~ Today Xiaheng brings 6 high-color alcoholic drinks, 6 kinds of Sprite's high-quality drinks! Suitable for all activities, fans Party, classmates party, friends Xiaojong; good to drink and simple. Social to learn! "


Main material Sprite 200ml, cherry 3, excipient candy 5g, ice cubes 1/2 cup, lemon slices (decorative), sour taste, tips, TWO minutes, simple difficulties,

Red storm practice steps

1 Cherry wash, with a pipette to seed.

2 Cut the cherry into small Ding.

3 Add sugar in cherry butter, put it in the microwave for 2 minutes, ready to cherry sauce.

4 Prepare a good-looking cup, add the cherry sauce, add ice.

5 Pour in Xuebi and put a lemon film on the cup.


1. The amount of soup in cherry sauce can be adjusted by themselves.2, cherry sauce must let cool to start tuned drinks ~ Otherwise, steam will run away.