"Sweet peach is sweet, red bean soft, change a taste to eat peach."


Significant water honey peach 2, cooked red beans, excipient white sugar, sour taste, mixing process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Pathful peach red bean ice practice steps

1 Refrigerated peach TWO, wash the peeled chunk.

2 Put the mixer.

3 Make a delicate peach motor.

4 cooked red beans in the cold.

5 ovary gum pickled for a while.

6 Poured into the cup and pour the pickled red beans.Sprinkled with cut rose petals.

7 finished products.

8 finished products.


Although it is a peach and red bean ice, I didn't add ice, like more ice, I can add the appropriate amount of ice, use the broken wall into the water honey, and then put the red beans that are refrigerated.Ice cool.