The main amount of yogurt, the amount of honey red beans, one egg yolk, 2 spoons of starch, the amount of sugar, the amount of lemon water, sour taste, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Red bean yogurt popsicle practice steps

1TWO spoon starch.

2 Add water to make a batter.

3 Add an egg yolk.

4 Add appropriate amount of white sugar and adjust uniform batter.

5 water is stewed, and you should not stop stirring the egg yolk in the bowl.

6 Stewed egg yolk is very strong when it is very strong.

7 cooked honey red beans.

8 honey red beans are added to the egg yolk paste.

9 Stirring a uniform egg yolk into the pan mold.

10 old yogurt a bottle.

11 Put the old sour milk in the mold, on the top of the egg yolk paste.Finally, put some honey red beans.

12 Stir with the rod of the mold and stir well.

13 Cover the mold cover, pick up the refrigerator for about three hours.

14 Doing a good pops, sweet and delicious, delicious.Take out the mold from the refrigerator with cool water, smoothly demold.