"The home of the watermelon and the peach are left, change it to eat a sand!"


INDUSTRIAL THE Pumpkin 300g, 2 peaches, 2 accenseics milk powder, 2 sugar, sweet taste, frozen process, one hour, simple difficulty,

Peach watermelon salad

1 watermelon, peach is ready.

2 Watermelon go to the seed cut.Peach peel offs a small piece.

3 In the watermelon block, the Tao block dispenser cup, add white sugar, milk powder.

4 Stir beat into a mud.

5 Pour into the mold.

6 Refrigerator is frozen, I frozen a day.

7 Take out the freezed ice, then put it into the cupping machine, stir into Sand.

8 finished products.Delicate and cold, like a grateful taste.


Other juicy fruits can also be used.Add milk powder mouth more delicate.Sugar can not be added, with a human taste.Or the easiest way to refrigerate watermelon juice, and stir it to stir it into sand ice.This method is more ice.