"Self-strap filled with ice ~ lemon, cucumber is used to protect the skin, eliminate freckles natural food to help the body inflammation eliminate and promote the regeneration of cells. At the same time, cucumber also has clear heat, detoxification.There is also obvious to dehumidification, hops, and analges. "


Ingredients, cucumber, Half, Lemon Half, Sprite 200ml, Accessories Ice Cubes HALF Cup, Flavor taste, seasoning process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice for cucumber lemon special drink

1 Prepare ingredients, cucumber and lemon with salt to wash.

2 Pull the ice cubes first in a cup of Half.

3 small cucumber cutting sheet.

4 lemon cuts small corners.

5 cucumber leaves in a cup.

6 Pour into the full cup of Sprite.

7 is done.


My lemon is relatively big, I used 1/3, everyone adjusted according to their own taste.