Main material coconut milk 100ml, coconut 100g, accessories butter 50g, white sugar 40g, 1 egg,


Coconut oil 30g, a few drops of white vinegar, sweet taste, fried process, TWO minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Practice for universal coconut filling

1 Prepare the ingredients.

2 Add white sugar and coconut milk, coconut oil and eggs into the bowl, plus a few drops of white vinegar to make uniform.

3 Add coconut to mix well.

4 Prepare the butter, stir fry together while stirring the coconut, no melting.

5 Mix the coconut and butter, stir mixed with small fire, do Moon Cake, don't speculate too much.

6 is ready to be cold.

7 According to the size of Moon Cake, it is rounded to be used.

8 I did 50 grams of ice skin Moon Cake, Moon Cake Puminotes were very delicious.


This sweetener is very good, not very sweet.