"About the Black Forest Cake has a little bit of interest, it is said that the shape of the black forest cake is referring to the local woman wearing a black dress, a traditional hanter cap, a soft, delicate, delicate chocolate cake, put fresh cherry flesh, smear Sour sweet cherry sauce, brush a little cherry wine, then apply a smooth sweet cream, and finally sprinkle with a slightly bitter dark chocolate, decorate with fresh cherries. Black, red, white color of each other, exude The mysterious temperament and charm of the Black Forest Mountains. "


Three needle eggs, cocoa powder 10g, milk 45ml, vegetable oil 30ml, low-gluten flour 45g, fine sugar 30g, cream 200g, adjuvant cherry, chocolate, sweet taste, roast process, time consumption, ordinary difficulty,

Traditional black forest cake practice steps

1 The oven is preheated 180 degrees, and the oil paper is placed in the cake mold.

2 Milk adds vegetable oil to disperse, add cocoa powder and flour and mix well.

3 egg yolks are separated from egg white, and the egg yolk is mixed into a pacating, and the protein is loaded into a clean mixing basin.

4 Sugar is 3 times to add egg whitening, and the wet foam can be pulled out of the bend.

5 Take 1/3 protein frost to add a bathed and mix well, then retrieve the protein cream gently mix well.

6 Pour the mixed cake paste into the cake mold, and put it into the oven in the oven for 17-20 minutes under the slogan.

7 cakes were shocked again when it was released, and immediately swapped on the cooling arm.

8 cream is sent to stable refrigeration, and the cake is removed from the oil paper.

9 cakes are cut into 3 and other serials with a sawtooth knife, and a cream is smeared each at each layer, and finally on the surface of the cake, it can be sprinkled with chocolate and fruit.


The cake just out of the oven is a lot of moisture in the middle, and the weight of the moisture will sink the cake, so you need to put the cake in time to avoid the collapse of the cake.