"There will be additives, how much you bought, you will do your simple and safe, a cup of body every day."


Main material pure milk 750ml, excipient white sugar is appropriate, 1 yogurt, one,


Nuts, sour taste, other crafts, time consuming, simple and difficult

Homemade nut yogurt practice steps

1 Prepare 3 boxes of pure milk and a yogurt fermented agent (1.0 grams).

2 Pour the milk into the pre-boiled water (this step is very important) excessive fermentation machine container to add an appropriate amount of white sugar (according to your own taste), a mixing agent is uniform.

3 Put into the fermentation machine, cover the cover, wait for 9 hours or so, generally I will be done at the first day, the next morning, this fermentor is directly connected to the power supply, it is very convenient, if you like more The acid can be further extended.

4 It is already done in the morning, and it is as very good as Tofu.

5 Sprinkle your favorite nuts or fruits on it, nutritious and delicious.

6 Pack a few bottles in the refrigerator, the taste will be better, the baby has a bottle of health and nutrition every day.


Pouring the milk of the milk must be disinfected with boiling water, including the stirring tools to disinfect, winter weather temperature can increase the fermentation time, so you can do it quickly.