"As the people of Zhengzhou is really too difficult to first, 720 heavy rain disasters then encounter epidemic sealing and sewing, there is a hard medical worker for disaster relief, I really have a hard work. White - black pine. "


Rose Sauce Sugar 100g, Hot Water 50g, Rose Petals 10g, Pines Sauce Picklet 1200g, Yellow Rose 150g, Malt Sugar 100g, Pastry 100g, Salt, Salt 20g, Grottle 15g, Low Powder 140g, bamboo charcoal powder 3g, sweet flavor, roasted process, hourly time, ordinary difficulty,

Rose black pine pear practice steps

1 Cumsum heating water is stirred to melt to 50 ° C and then add rose petals (as long as petals).

2 When you gently stir, put it into the refrigerator and refrigerate overnight.

3 pineapple (more than the pantage "variety of pineapples on the market can be used).

4 Use the cooking machine to break the pineapple (do not have to stay too long to stay in the pineapple and the fiber mouth).

5 pines put into the pot.

6 After the moisture evaporates a HALF, adding rock sugar and maltose to continue to boil.

7 Cook until the water is completely evaporated and thickened, and the boiled pineapple is probably about 40% by weight of the original weight).

8 To dry the cool pine sauce, add 40 grams of rose sauce to mix well and put it into the refrigeration.

9 After the butter room is softened, add the salt sugar powder slightly, add the egg yolk to mix, add the protein.

10 Add almond powder low powder bamboo carbon powder.

11 mix well after mixing.

12 Divided the rose pines sauce and pasta into a group of about 15 grams, respectively.

13 Put the Pak to Sauce into the past.

14 Pack of pineapple crisp into an elliptical shape.

15 Sprinkle rose petals.

16 Put the pineapple with petals into the pineapple mold.

17 Light pressure with hand.

18 Press the pineapple on the pineapple.

19 The fire is 160 ° C for 10 minutes, and then the surface will continue to bake 5 minutes after leaving the cool release.

20 Buy a packaging to put it up to send your favorite people, add a small card with a soil.


Pak Pine Sauce will adjust the amount of sugar in the sweetness of the pineapple. If the filling is not greasy, it will be very angry butter I have tried the beautiful and tower looks like the tower more fragrant. If you want to be high Point words, put on the mesenchymal gold foil will more look more.