"Buy preplicted with strawberry, so I made a chestnut filling."


Ingredients for 100g, 100g of water, chestnut, appropriate amount of coconut powder, etc.


Symptural, sweet taste, other processes, one hour, simple difficulty,

Practice of chestnut strawberry ice skin Moon Cake

1 chestnut wash, cut.

2 is cooked with hills.

3 is cooked out to cool.

4 Take the chestnut meat.

5 put the syrup.

6 coconut powder, mash.

7 mix well, do not like to be broken with particles.

8 Fried in the pan of Glutinous Rice powder directly.

9 fry until the filling is viscous.

10 taken out.

11 fried glutinous rice powder and purple mountain medicine.

12 take 100 grams of pre-mix powder 100 grams of open water, mix well.

13 Take a piece of roll into a round cake.

14moon cake molds. Glutinous rice.

15 ice skin picks up the chestnuts and puts the compaction in the mold.

16 Moon Cake made.

17 finished products.


Originally, I have been going to change the pattern, I don't remember what I went!