"Grilled milk is a very popular practice of near TWO in the Internet. I have read a lot of formulations. Most of them use egg yolk to make, add light cream, so that the grilled milk is sure that is very mellow, milk It will also be very rich, but there is also a realistic problem. For example, how to use egg yolk, how to deal with it? There is a more headache, a little bit of light cream, a box of 1 liter, only one point, rest It is difficult to save, it is very easy to cause waste. This is a very important reason for many friends who want to try to roast milk! I shared the grilled milk today, it is to avoid the above problems, eggs are all eggs, just Use milk to make it, don't add a whipped cream, in order to make the taste more alcohol, I use the crater to increase the sweetness. Everyone knows that the refinement is also a dairy product, and then sweetes more good, of course, Of course, If there is no such alley, you can also use sugar. I will introduce the amount in the specific steps, use the roast milk made by this formula, although it is a whole egg, there is no fever cream, but the taste is still very good, it is also very Complete, there will be no feeling of energism, especially delicious, and it will not cause waste on the material, and the overall cost is high. "


Made of milk 250g, 1 egg, 1 cheese, 35g, corn starch 25g, 1 brush surface egg yolk, original taste, roasted process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Grilled milk practice steps

1 First prepare for your work, prepare your food.

2 Mold Prepare, I use six-inch hurricane cake mold, bottom and four-week brush oil.

3 Add a box of milk into a milk pot to add a refinery. If there is no such alley milk, it can be replaced with an equal amount of sugar, and the egg is pumped, stirred well.

4 Add corn starch to the smooth without granules, add the cheese table, the joining the cheese film is also to increase the flavor, if there is no, it is not possible.

5Heat the milk pot with ingredients, it is not allowed to stir, when the ingredients begin to cake and become thick, turn off.

6 At the same time, the doctor blade is rapid, and the agitation can be stirred, and the cake can be dissipated, the final state is smooth, thick paste.

7 Pour into the mold, seal it slightly, and put it in the refrigerator for more than three hours.

8 is constitutive, take out the off-down, cut into the shape of your favorite, and brush the yellow liquid on the surface.

9 With the equipment, oven, air frying pan, etc., I use the microwave oven, select the temperature-temperature baking mode, preheating, middle, bake 15-20 minutes, surface appear on the surface Part can be released.

10 hot eat, tender and smooth, the entrance is generous, too delicious.

11 arrangement.