"Autumn, day and night, Danguixiang. Autumn, the day, many northern people, you will be autumn pear cream, when autumn pears suck sunshine in the branches, mature alcohol, is a good time, autumn. The climate is dry, the lungs are mixed, often eat this kind of supplement, can make a lung kidney, nourish the dryness, and the osmark thirst. The osmanthus also has a phlegm and cough, fresh tone and other effects. Today we share a simple Yi Xue's autumn Different Desserts Soluk - Autumn Pool


Master Autumn Yue Pear 3, excipient white looffin 30g,


Sweet people, smell, sweet taste, boiled process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Autumn pear patterns

1 taken from the quarter-autumn moon pear.

2 wash it.

3 peel.

4 cut small pieces.

5 Sliced ​​autumn moon pears in the cooking machine, juice.

6 Pour into the filter, filter it again.

7 The fire was poured into 250G pear juice.

8 poured into white lime powder.

9 Pour in Glycans.

10 Stir until white lime powder is dissolved and fire.

11 Pour into the mold to cool to solidify (also in the refrigerator), which can also be refrigerated to solidification after cooling.

12 Remove the mold release after the coagulation type is removed, and the cinnamon flower is sprinkled.

13 Can enjoy the afternoon Desserts snack.