"It's time to eat the season of pumpkins, all kinds of novel eating methods should also be born. The pumpkin practice I shared today is a casual snack that is suitable for children. The baby over one year old can control, sweet, entrance is Chemical, not only delicious, but also safe and secure, the scent of the scent of pumpkins is enjoyed, every mouth is enjoyed, the grate is better after Ice! I use the pumpkin today is Babei Pumpkin, and some gaps on the taste of ordinary pumpkins, individuals I feel that the pumpkin cakes made with Beibei pumpkin are more winning, but it is better to make a pumpkin cake made in the color, but if you want to be more beautiful, you can join 10 grams of pumpkin powder to adjust. "


Main material, pumpkin 150g, milk 250g, excipient crash 30g, corn starch 40g,


Coconut, original taste, other processes, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Milk Patterns

1 Prepare pumpkins, steamed the pot after washing.

2 Steamed pumpkins peeled, pumpkin meat one hundred and fifty grams joined a box of milk, put it into a delicate pumpkin mud.

3 Pumpkin mud into the pan, add the milk refinement milk and corn starch, stir uniform with a doctor blade to smoothly without particles.

4 Electro-cooker to select the boiled mode, the minimum fire, and stir it with a doctor blade to prevent agglomeration.

5 After opening a pan, the pumpkin mud began to become more and more thick, closed, and continued to stir up.

6 molds brush oil in advance, pour the fried pumpkin mud into the mold, dry to warmth, cover the plastic wrap, refrigerate for 2 hours.

7 Pumpkin cakes removed from the refrigerator, rolling a circle in the coconut, complete.

8 Sweet 糯 is particularly delicious.

9 The entrance is instant, and the baby eats and doesn't worry.