"Fragrant bubble ball is my own name, this kind of practice seems to be called sugar sand, fried eggs, etc. "


80 grams of ordinary flour, 2 eggs, 50 grams of salt, salt, 10 grams of white sugar, 130 grams of water, the amount of accessories, the sweet taste, the fried process, HALF hours, ordinary difficulties,

Fragrant felt practice steps

1 Let's make a batter, 50 grams of salt-free butter, 2 grams of salt, 10 grams of white sugar, 130 grams of water, and then heat it together.

2 cook until boiling, boil 10 seconds after leaving the fire.

3 Pour 80 grams of ordinary flour.

4 Mix the blade to no donor state.

5 Continue to open a small fire, stir fry until the surface of the dough is shine. (Note: If it is not fried with a non-stick pan, there is a film in the bottom of the pot.

6 Fried dough, spread it in the basin, slightly dropping the temperature.

7 Eggs were scattered, and in the bacadia were added 4-5 times, and each time the egg liquid was completely mixed into the dough, the egg liquid was added.

8 until it is completely mixed with the batter, lift the doctor blade to the triangle state slowly drop.

9 Prepare a pot of oil, heating to 6 points heat, the chopsticks will put in the state of the small bubble.

10 Put the batter with a spoon into the oil.

11 Fry until the surface is golden, you can remove it.

12 This state can be eaten directly o (* ¯) ¯ *) o

13 is full of white sugar, and it tastes better.

14 fuff bird complete o (∩_∩) O

15 outer crisp sweet sweet, soft, soft, good, good snacks.