Kolin Pie Wool 150g, milk 350g, butter 30g, sugar 30g, cream thousand layers of light cream 400g, sugar 40g, durine meat, mango meat, milk flavor, other processes, hours, god levelDifficulty,

Triumwork of irloman

1 Prepare fresh mangoes and durian.

2 Add sugar to melt, add eggs and stir well, add the early melted butter, and finally add the sieved low powder stir into a pagrated.

3 The steam scruttation TWO is more delicate.

4 Put the refrigerator to refrigerate HALF hours.

5 Do not brush oil with a non-stick pan, take a spoonful pagression into the pot, turn a circle, and do it as much as possible.

6 light cream and sugar mixed.

7 mango cut into pieces, durian pressed into mud.The bottom floor TWO Zhang Keli cookie, a layer of roller cake is wiped with a layer of cream and durian puree, separated from a layer or TWO layer plus mango, so overlap.

8 full of flesh, sweet and tempting.

9 Also made a thousand layers.This circle is cut, comparative specification.