"On the day of classes, home finish the meal, then eating, sat down and began to fall asleep, obviously only 7:00 on sleepy little spirit gone straight to sleep, my family someone you want to say a movement exercise, been too lazy to move, now finally moving up, breath skipping 400, can stop the middle, barely jump to 400 on it can not move it! hand has no control rope feeling, out of a sweat, not to mention sweat a true feeling of the whole spirit of it, ah, insist, insist, insist, do sports! now this could not help but think Tianyi hot ice cream, popsicles, ice cream and the like, before Well, just eat my own eat is also good, now I eat my children have to eat, he does not want to eat too much, I get it when the mother does not eat has become, after the children say will change due to have a child, it really makes sense Fortunately, now you can own ice cream at home, and health and hygiene, but also quite simple to prepare some in the fridge when the heat a little, eat a child is very, very happy, of course, satisfy my own friends. "


Ingredients 200 grams of milk, 30 g sugar, 2 eggs accessories, 100 grams of fresh cream, sweet taste, mix process, Half-hour time-consuming, normal difficulty,

Step approach caska ice cream

1 Prepare the required material, 200 grams of milk, 2 eggs, 30 grams sugar, 100 grams of fresh cream.

2 eggs knocking, remove the egg yolk, sugar was added. (As long as the egg yolk is not used.)

3 the milk into the pot open low heat, the pot was heated to slightly around to take a small bubble stop heating, standby off the heat.

4 yolks and sugar stir.

5 good heated hot milk into about one-third to Stir the egg yolks, be sure to edge down while stirring, do not pour too much time to prevent the boiled egg yolk.

6 and then gradually emptied into the remaining milk and mix well. If there are slightly cooked egg yolk can be used to filter out the filter.

7 Stir the milk, egg yolk, into the pot again, and over low heat and cook, stirring, when about to be boiled can shut the fire stirring for a while, then opened fire stirring, then stir the fire is about to be closed at a moment when it is boiled It has been repeated so.

8 until you can draw a clean thin section in the back of a spoon with a finger stained with milk, egg yolk, it is said that it has finished.

9 immediately pot, into the pot filled with ice water, the stirring constantly cooled (ice water just withdrawn a certain pot to keep stirring to prevent the formation of lumps of ice water: water pipe in winter effluent the water on it, the summer can add some ice cubes in the water)

10 butter into a clean container to be sent to draw the lines.

After cooling to 11 custard, poured sent Stir the cream, liquid cream production is complete. If there is no ice cream machine, ice cream was directly fridge freezer, every 2-3 hours out stir and let ice cream into the liquid in more air so it will be more fluffy, this will not have too many nuggets.

12 Remove the frozen ahead of good ice cream bucket. (The best ice cream in the freezer barrel cold night)

The mixture was poured into 13 ice cream tub, quickly into the mixing head, stirring was started (must be very rapid stirring into the mixing head to start the liquid ice cream, since the ice cream was poured into ice bucket after bucket around the rapidly solidified, will affect stir, bucket of ice cream surrounding liquid poured into the already solidified if you can use a shovel scraping around a bit soft, then stir into the mixing head)

14 was stirred until the ice cream can be shaped into a thick, it takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

After stirring for 15 taken good stirring rod.

Stir well dug 16 ice cream you can eat, you can freeze it with food as taken.


1, when the milk boiled egg yolk can also add some vanilla extract or vanilla seeds and cook together, so that you can make the classic vanilla ice cream. 2, if there is no ice cream machine, Step 11, when, that is, after the liquid ice cream mix well caska, the ice cream was directly fridge freezer, 2-3 hours out to stir every so ice cream more air into the liquid inside so it will be more fluffy, this will not have too many nuggets.