"Yes, the formula is such a bovinex. No need to stir several times, there is no ice cream ice cream. Blueberry Sauce is a self-made, completely no additives, real materials, let us eat more assured."


Main material fresh blueberry 200 grams, granulated sugar 20 + 20 grams, 250 grams of whipped cream, several, sweet taste, other crafts, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Blueberry ice cream practice steps

1 Fresh blueberries wash the cooking machine to make mud.

2 Pour in a small milk pot, add 20 grams of gran sugar to the blueberry sauce.

3 Side is boiled and stirred quickly, boil the water. No water ice cream will have ice.

4 Blueberry Sauce Refrigerator Refrigerator Refrigerator.

5 light cream add 20 grams of fine sugar to hit yogurt. I don't like sweet sugar.

6 Light cream hit yogurt, that is, a slightly thick state to add full cooling blueberry sauce.

7 Use the scraper to mix, and then mix it with hand.

8 Pour in the preservation cassette, cover the cover to pick the ice box to speed up for 6 hours.

9 I frozen overnight, take it out to take it back and then dig the ball. Let's take a spoon to each other.

10 taste superb

11 No need to stir, there is no ice.


Blue Berry Sauce wants to cook slowly in small fire, just starting the moisture to quickly and keep stirring, otherwise it will splash hot water. Cook to the water-free blueberry sauce to do a good ice cream will not be frozen.