"In the hot summer, ice cream is an indispensable ice product. But most ice cream uses high fat ingredients such as cream, egg yolk, so that the weight loss knows the color. Today, the last super healthy ice cream, only Use Two fruit: banana and mango, the other is not adding, the entrance is full of fruit flavor. Don't worry about the taste and taste, this Two type ingredients combined, the degree of skilled ice cream, one Not lost to cream do, I have used other fruits, but the taste is the best, the feeling of the TWO mix, you don't believe this just uses fruit, it is a ice cream. And mango is mature, don't worry about sugar, you don't worry about sweetness, eat sweetness is also just right. I like ice cream and worry about high-fat, high-sugar, you may wish to try this super healthy ice cream. "


Ingredients 150g, mango 200g, accessories lemon, fruit taste, frozen process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Banana mango ice cream practice steps

1 First squeeze the lemon juice, not only increase the flavor, but it is mainly to prevent banana oxidation.

2 After the banana cuts small pieces, add lemon juice to mix evenly, prevent oxidation

3 Mango peeled small pieces, and add a little lemon juice

4 sealed box is installed into the refrigerator freezing one day

5 If you like cream, you may wish to freeze a glass of whipped cream. If you add 1/3, it is ice cream with cream. I have made some cream for my son.

6 put the frozen banana and mango into the cooking machine

7 mixed into a mud

8 Just stirred the ice cream, only bananas and mango, stir well into this soft mud, and eat a good taste.

9 If you can't eat it, you will pour it into the mold.

10 With the extraction, the frozen is the taste of the ice cream. The taste is still great.


The proportion of bananas and mangoes can be adjusted properly according to their own preference, but bananas can't be too small, otherwise affecting taste