"The child likes to eat ice cream, and I can see it!"


Made of milk 200ml, cream 150ml, sugar 80g, egg 2, excipient lemon juice, sweet taste, frozen process, hour time consumption, simple difficulty,

Fresh mango ice cream practice steps

1 Egg Yellow Two Add sugar 40g to stir well, play for a while, more embarrassment!Join the TWO drops of lemon juice to taste.

2 Put it on the pot, pay attention to the small fire, stir it to avoid palm, boil, I have filter it, I put it into the bowl.

3 cream plus sugar 40g to send, 80%, I like a little foaming.

4 Jiao mango, slowly add egg liquid, stir well, and then slowly introduce the cream in cream, stir well, put it into the refrigerator.

5 Every Half is taken out, it is more likely to not have so many sand ice, stir it four or five times, then freeze the shape after using a spoon.


1. Please pay attention to stir, after stirring, there will be ice cream soft feelings, or it is a smoothness!