"After graduating from China, I haven't sent a recipe. I haven't need to send a recipe. I don't need to explain. However, this summer has a strong desire to eat ice cream, especially for chocolate and nut flavor, and unable to extricate ... Nutella is Italy. The hazelnut chocolate Sauce produced by the manufacturer FERRERO is that the golden Ferrero). When I was going to school, I found out from the snack inventory of the roommate. I tasted a bite, the sky is the sandwich of Ferrero chocolate. From Xiaoyong loves the fragrance Sliding hazelnut sauce, it is possible to eat if you can buy Ferrero, you can eat it ... Today's ice cream is only used in light cream and Nutellatwo materials, no ice cream machine, no need to take it out from the refrigerator over time. Basically, it is possible to use an eggbeater to mix the material, it is possible, and the taste will be better than the general ice cream, but still delicious, the entrance is instant, no ice retainings, suitable for lazy cancer after work, but still People who don't want to be in the abdomen ^ _ ^ I hope this summer sun is often accompanied by breeze, and the food is also available. "


Significant oil 500ml, accessories chocolate sauce300g, sweet taste, mixing process, hourly time consumption, simple difficulty,

Simple chocolate ice cream practice steps

1 Preparation materials: 500 ml of whipped cream, Nutella chocolate sauce300 gram

2 Chocolate Sauce and Oil Mixed

3 eggbeater hair

4 Haguo can don't disappear, it is best to stop going to watch it.

5 Put it into the sealed container, I use the Tovolo ice cream container that I bought in the summer of the sesame ice cream last summer.

6 put the refrigerator freezing for more than three hours or more! No need for ice cream machine, do not need to take it out after a while, I hope this can not bring you the ice and cool summer.